What role is there for Islamic finance in the halal industry? How do we develop a better dialogue?

It is a natural grouping. The halal industry should be supported by Islamic finance and the two should go hand in hand. True halal is not only about a process but following Islamic rules. This is how we do it at HIFMI, we deal only with Islamic banks.

One way of starting a dialogue is joint Islamic finance-halal food activities and events to develop understanding and match-making of services and products first locally, regionally and internationally. That should be reinforced by the authorities.

Finally, if we were to look thirteen years ahead, where do you see HIFMI?

Halal Institute Food Management Industry (HIFMI) is a pioneer in real halal food in France. We are expanding regionally and globally to promote real halal food processes as the best way for consumers. Our future plan is to expand our portfolio using the same real halal platform as a commitment to the world.

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